Z & Bee Co - Beeswax Food Wraps
Z & Bee Co

Z & Bee Co - Beeswax Food Wraps

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Replace plastic wrap with these reusable 100% locally purchased cotton & beeswax food wraps. 

Perfect to cover bowls, baking dishes or wrap sammys, salads, cheeses or wraps!!!

The heat from your hands seals the wrap, hand wash with cold water & mild dish soap and BAM!!! USE IT AGAIN!!!!

Mini Set includes : 3 7"x7" wraps

Standard Set includes : 2 12"x12" wraps

Casserole Set : 1 12"x12" & 1 15"x18" wraps

Nesting Bowl Set : 1 9"x9" wrap, 1 12"x12" wrap & 1 15"x15" wrap

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