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Valentine’s Day DIY Wish Bracelets

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A fun, sugar free DIY activity for your kiddos to give to their classmates & teachers this Valentine's Day!

Everything comes included to make Valentine's Day Inspired Wish Bracelets. Please choose quantities based on classmates & teacher numbers.

Minimum 15 per order.

Quote Cards

Wish Bracelet Cords

Coloured Beads Selection

Cellophane Covers

From Stickers

Washi Tape

Directions: Knot the cord slightly to the right of the center, add as little or as many beads as you'd like, and tie another knot to hold them in place. Thread the bracelet through the premade slots in each card. Tape the back of the bracelet to hold in place. Slip the card & bracelet into the cellphone with the taller side facing front. Peel the self adhesive sticker and fold down to seal. 

Pre-write the From Stickers & add them anywhere you'd like!


You're ready for an awesome Valentine's Day! 

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