Happy Rock Holistics - Aromatherapy Rollers
Happy Rock Holistics

Happy Rock Holistics - Aromatherapy Rollers

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Aromatherapy Rollers can be applied on temples, behind the ears, wrists, spine & feet to holistically aide with Health Concerns.

Relief - Use for Morning Sickness, Migraines & Hangovers.

Stillness - Use for a Deeper Sleep & to Relieve Stress.

Sunny Days - Use as an aide for Depression &Ā for a DailyĀ Uplift.

Soothe - Use for Nausea & to aide Digestion.

One Up - Use when sick or around sicknessĀ as an Immune Booster.

Clear - Use for Congestion from sickness or Asthma.

Ingredients: Carrier Oil & blends of pure Essential Oils.

Keep away from Eyes, Children & Animals. Do not ingest. If roller oilĀ gets into eyes, dilute with a carrier oil or milk. Not water.

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