Friends Of Woodman - Donation
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Friends Of Woodman - Donation

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On August 14th, our OEV neighbour Karen's home on Woodman Ave was crashed into by a drunk driver late in the evening.

Thankfully noone was hurt inside the house, but the crash caused a leak in a gas line. After 15 minutes of leaking gas, it ignited causing the home to explode. 

The damage has been absolutely indescribable and as the fire raged on it decimated a total of 7 homes on the street. 

This has caused 7 people to be hospitalized and many without a place to go.

We are accepting donations for basic needs. Even a small donation makes a difference to our community night now.

All money sent as a donation will be given directly to the families in need for necessities.

Thank you for your support in keeping our community strong through the good times and the bad times.

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