Rent Our Café Space

We're looking for a motivated, passionate sole prop or partnership to take over our Café space located inside our retail shop at 796 Dundas Street East. 

This is an incredible opportunity for anyone passionate about a proper cup of coffee. We want you to knock our socks off with your skillz.

We are across from the Aeolian, and have line ups of people wanting coffee while they wait for the doors to open to their event. The Courthouse is a block away & they all go for coffee on their lunch break. The only coffee house that was open for them has now moved. This means we are in a "dry spot" from before Adelaide alllllll the way up to Egerton which is, well gold in our eyes. 

To sum it up:

The Cafe is all-inclusive for $575. This includes the square footage of the Cafe, and additional window space for customer seating if needed.

“All Inclusive” pertains to the following;
• All Utilities. (hydro, water, gas)
• Building maintenance and City Fees. (signage fees unless your own additional signs are put up and require extra fees, landscape fees, window washing fees)
• Allotted Café area including designated seating area, fridge, sink, counter tops, barista work room, and Breville.
• Use of the upstairs kitchen for a hand wash station, staff break room and bathroom.
• Use of the basement for storage purposes only.
• High Speed Business and Guest Wifi.
• All extra condiments and packaging on site if needed (cup sleeves, lids, stir sticks, napkin dispenser, paper towel dispenser)
• Entry key & alarm/camera code information for 796 Dundas Street
• Parking for unlimited vehicles 
• POS stand, receipt printer, debit machine if needed (on separate merchant accounts)

Conditions for Café Rental;
Rental is for 3 month periods.
• Rent is to be paid via cash or EMT on a selected date.
Café Opening hours must reflect The Been Garden’s Open hours unless agreed upon.
• If the Café is closed during Open hours of The Been Garden, proper signage is to be placed so it is clear that the Café is closed for the day.
Café must be up to City code and follow bi-laws regardless to how stupid they may be.
• All renovations that are required or requested are not The Been Garden’s responsibility. They will not be denied unless they inflict on The Been Garden’s ability to run their business effectively. They will be carried out with permission from Kandice Trickett, at the “tenant’s” cost.
• Renovations must be done outside The Been Garden’s Open Hours. (After 5pm or Mondays and Tuesdays)
• Tenant is responsible for registering their own business, and obtaining any licensing needed to run a food-based establishment.
• Patrick’s Beans will continue to be sold as “whole bean, half pound” bags through The Been Garden.
• Tenant must have a separate Point of Sale system to manage the Café, with clear indication on any merchandise being sold that it is to be paid at the Café counter.
• Tenant may “piggyback” on any Uline, Clear Bags Canada or other material orders needed to save shipping costs.
• Tenant is responsible for the cleanliness and neatness of their allotted area including seating areas and will contribute to the cleanliness of shared areas, such as the front windows, kitchen and bathroom areas.
• Tenant may put up signage where needed. For outside signage, it must be approved by Kandice first (only because there are bi-laws about signage size/blah blah)
• A-frame Sandwich boards are permitted out front, but need to be heavy duty as Dundas is super busy and we are in a wind tunnel.
• Tenant must provide a deposit of first and last to secure their commitment. Last will be held as a "safety deposit" If there were ever an event or issue that prevented you from moving forward, this amount IS fully refundable within 30 days 
• Tenant may use the Loading Door for large orders as long as The Been Garden is notified 24 hours in advance.
• The Been Garden is able to end the tenancy at anytime for any reason with a 30 day written notification.
• Employees are able to use the upstairs and downstairs as needed.
• Employees are not to have a key unless discussed with Kandice first and contracts for keyholders have been signed.
• Employees must respect the boundaries of their working space and The Been Garden’s.
• Employees may use kitchen space as a breakroom.
• There are assigned lockers that can be used for employees as well.
• Any issues with customer satisfaction is to be dealt with through the Café.
• The Been Garden holds no responsibility for products made/sold within the Café.
• Tenant may take over (if that’s something you’d like) access to The Been Garden’s wholesale accounts for Boho Bars, Cold Brew Coffee, Pulp & Press Juices if needed.
• We do not have a dumpster, but Garbage is picked up daily out front of the store and will need to be placed there at 5pm or after.
• We would like to remain as “environmentally conscious” as possible, so please consider this when planning out your business.
• The Middlesex Health Unit comes in to inspect once a year. We've never had a strike against us, and we expect you won't either. They’re pretty cool if you feed them chocolate.
• An agreement to all the above will be signed and dated by Kandice, Tenant and a witness for both parties.

• The Cafe space is Middlesex Unit approved for a "to go" cafe, meaning no porcelain cups are approved without a commercial dishwasher. This also means you can bring in pre-packaged foods for sale, but no "food prep" without a proper kitchen will be approved.

• Tenant agrees to read, sign and abide to a document stating The Been Garden's Standards for customer service and experience. 
• If anything else comes up, it can be discussed between the tenant and Kandice and added to the agreement upon signing.


If you are interested in more information, please fill out the application form that can be found HERE and we will get a hold of you for an in-person interview! Hope to see you soon!