Businesses - Drop Off Location Details

1. When dropping your orders off, they must always be labelled with

  • Your business name.
  • Customer's full name.
  • Date of drop off.

We have a very busy pick up operation happening & that helps us to keep moving things along quickly & stay organized(ish) We will not accept orders without these regulations.

2. We, The Been Garden, accept NO (zero, nilche, zippo) responsibility for late, missing, incorrect or damaged orders.

Inform your customers that we are pick up location only, and have no idea what is in the orders, or have any idea about the orders. We are simply the middle man. We've got enough issues on our own hahaha...for real.

3. The order must be paid BEFORE drop off at our store.

We do not accept payment for any businesses outside of our own walls. We will assume that each drop off has been paid in full. We are not responsible for any payment processing or payment issues you or your customer may have.

4. DO NOT inform your customers that their order has arrived UNTIL it is here, on the Pick Up Shelf and ready to go.

We are an incredibly busy store & do not have the time to search for orders that should be there, but are not. We do not take responsibility for late orders, and if this happens more than once, you will be unable to use our service. Ain't our business to deal with yo' mad customers. 

If your customer has not been picked up the order within 1 month, we will contact you. After 3 months, it becomes ours.

You are absolutely free to call us at anytime to ask if an order has been received, or to see which ones are still remaining. (519) 452-0611.

If we contact you after the first month, you have 2 more months to for your customer or yourself to collect the order. If it has not been picked up after the 3 months, it becomes our property & we will definitely use your face masks or crochet slippers without remorse.

PLEASE send your customers who are participating THIS LINK to the guidelines for their end of the deal.