For The Love of Laundry

For The Love Of Laundry - Laundry Soap

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Choose from a fresh Lemon, soft Lavender or Unscented for sensitive skin. High Efficiency Washer safe.

Each Family Size box is 1.5kg & washes about 102 loads

Click Here to pair with FTLOL's Wool Dryer Balls. 

Ingredients: Borax, Washing Soda, Baking Soda, Organic Soap Flakes. (Scented Soaps have Essential Oils)

Your Laundry Soap purchase goes to help For The Love Of Laundry host free laundry events for low income & struggling families.

They have hosted 19 laundry events that have helped 819 people and resulted in  3756 free loads of laundry. For The Love of Laundry has saved families over $15,000.00 in laundry services.

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