WTF Is With The Name?

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A lot of people ask us where our name came from, so here it is!

Our Owner, Kandice Trickett (add her on FB if you want, she loves new friends) was on maternity leave with her first baby. Although she enjoyed being at home with her little bundle of screaming infanty joy, she started getting restless after a few months and found an interest in hand painted wood items. With the "rustic" look just coming into popularity in the home decor world, she started getting custom requests for wood signs and the painted furniture she was posting on Social Media.

To conserve money because she was a cheap ass, she upcycled old pallets and skids she collected from around the city. Her backyard became, well for lack of better words a clusterfuck of scrap wood and out dated furniture that had "been" somewhere else before it ended up in the project line up. She started joking with her friends that the "been somewhere else stuff" was taking over her gardens, and VOILA BAM!

That's where the name came from! Pretty exciting right? Not really.

She created a Facebook Business Page for her creations in 2015 under the name "The Been Garden"

As the business grew, she started playing with the idea of having a small shop that could house the finished products. She knew the woodworking wouldn't hit a large enough niche to be worth an entire store front, and she had grown quite fond of the other handmakers in her city.

She decided to throw it out there and ask if anyone would be interested in selling through a storefront if she was to open one. 

There was a large response of over 100 e-mails of people who were not only interested, but extremely excited about the idea.

kandice trickett

A short while later, a leap of faith was made when she signed the lease to a small 700sq foot shop in Old East London. Having a following of 1000 on her business page, she decided to keep the name despite the change of business style; as people had already grown to know it. 

The name makes literally no sense to reflect what we really are, and people call all the time asking if we sell dried beans, garden supplies or coffee.

However, Our Retail Store has grown into a booming local business hub that has become dear to many and therefore, the name remains the same.

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