Our Moon Calendars. Where They Came From & Why We Love Them.

amara artisan bones calendar cycle hand drawn hollow moon moon calendar seasons sketch sketch book

Amara Hollow Bones

All of my vendors have a story about how they came to be a part of The Been Garden's community, but not all of them are as neat-o as this one. I actually met Amara at a secluded swimming hole about 4 years ago. I had been going there alone for years, it was an old gravel pit that had been filled in with water and left basically abandoned.
Sometimes I went and fished alone for rock bass or crappie, sometimes I would just go swim laps across to the other side. Before I had kids I would jog out there. It was about 20km from the city, but it would be worth it to finally get there, bolt down the hill ripping my running gear off as I went and then dive right into the cold ass water.
There was no one ever there, but this time I noticed an old rusty, beat up pick up truck with California plates parked at the side of the road. I remember humming and hawing a bit as to whether I should go down there alone for "safety" but decided I would investigate who it was that also knew about my "spot."
And there she was! A totally gentle, hippy kinda person... but with a super powerful presence. 
She actually still intimidates me a bit, which I honestly enjoy. I love when those two qualities can coincide to create a strong female presence. 
Anyways, she had come to that place with the exact same idea I had, to use the area as a place to reflect and take some time away from the busyness of day to day life. 

  We said hello, got chatting about her travelling from London to California and back home again, and then actually shared a beer by the water.
She mentioned she made things, especially the Moon Calendars and I mentioned I sold things, and I gave her my e-mail before I left.

   I never really thought much more about it until a year after when she sent me an e-mail, asking if I'd like some of her Moon Calendars she'd made for the up-coming year. After she brought them in, I was amazed at the response they got, and people instantly started a tradition each year.
   I still only see her once a year because she has that wanderlust type personality, but I think that adds to my enjoyment and excitement of having her kinda "appear" again each year. 

So what exactly is a Moon Calendar?

Well, it shows the Moon's Cycle through each day of each month instead of just classic "dates" on a normal calendar. 
She created them originally for herself to use as a Journal of the Seasons. To record events, experiences, emotions, the growing of plants, the weather and the movement of animals to see the patterns and relationships that revealed themselves through the different moon and sun cycles.   
The purpose is to use it when recording your thoughts, experiences, feelings, the growth of plants, the weather, your moods and even the movement of animals over the course of a year, to then see if there is a correlation between these different events and the positioning of the Moon on any particular day.
It is also used to help deepen the sense of belonging as a part of this Earth, being aware that you go through the cycles with the moon and seasons as every other creature does. 
Another year has come and gone and I'm super stoked to say she was back again, all magic like with her new 2020 Calendars. They're beautiful and whimsical as always and I love having these as a part of my shop.
There's also something so intriguing about her eerie, earthy drawings that make me want to stare at them until I've seen every little detail that she hides throughout her work.
She allows you to share or reprint her work for fundraising events geared towards earth or water based causes, anti-racist and rural organizing for abortion access, and reproductive justice. To share your fundraiser, you can reach out to her personally at hollowbones@riseup.net.
To check out the Moon Calendars on our website, click HERE!

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