Last Minute Halloween Costume Inspo

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In case you've procrastinated, we've got a few costume ideas to ease your annual last minute scramble!

Here's a few ideas for YOU!

50 Shades Of Grey

Just go to any hardware store, grab a stack (not all, remember...karma is a bitch) of grey paint swatches. Stick em' to whatever you've already got on with some duct tape & you're instantly an abomination to modern literature! 

One Night Stand!

This is a great costume that's very versatile! We would recommend adding your own special touch, possibly a bottle of Ativan and an empty wine glass?
It's all about the details.

Great Success!

We're pretty sure you've all seen the memes that state there are two types of women when it comes to Halloween Costumes. 
Well, if you'd rather have the best of both worlds, then you may want to take some inspiration from this woman.

Ideas for your Kiddos!

Baby G-Ma

If your kiddo is just leaving the crawling stage and is still gettin' the hang of the whole walking gig, this is a functional costume that is ridiculously cute. Most stuff can be found around the house and her lil' walker is made with a bit of PVC pipe and some spray paint. #momwin


42 Wallaby Way


Not as functional, but definitely a winner for creativity, and great for those on a budget!
We'd swap Nemo out for Dory of course.

Come Play With Us.

If you've got daughters close in age, or even better, twins. We'd be a little disappointed if you didn't pull this off at least once while they're young. And hey, you can just tell them they're cute matching dollies!  #cultclassic

Easy Costumes for your Fur Baby!


And our fav, Couple & Group Costume Ideas!


Happy Little Trees

First things first, the guy in the pic grew his hair out for a year to rock this costume. That's the type of commitment we like. Also, did you know Bob Ross was a Military Sergeant before he began painting? When he retired he allegedly vowed he would never scream again. Voila! The serene and iconic demeanor of the Bob Ross we know and love began.

The French Kiss

Easy and effective, The French Kiss costumes enables you to carry around a personal baguette that you don't have to share.
We hope you all have a wonderful Halloween, and we would like to leave you with a quick Parenting Hack:
If you hide your kid's candy in empty tampon boxes or empty instant rice boxes, we know from experience they will never find your secret stash.
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See you then!


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