Covid 19 Updates

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Hey friends, it's Kandice.

I'm writing to you today to let you know, the safety of ourselves & everyone around us is top priority right now & that means taking serious measures to stop the spread of the Coronavirus before it devastates us the way it has in other areas of the world.

We are not immune to this & it should not be taken lightly.

Please, stay home.

Protect your family, your community & the vulnerable people in your lives no matter what the cost. Payments & social gatherings can be caught up, lives can't be.

Our online shop is open, and we are working on an ideal solution for shipping or delivery. But keep in mind, I am home with my two little boys as well so this may take a little more time.

Our Pinterest Board has ideas you can do with your family during this time:

Here is our video about our choice. Please feel free to share.

Here is an impactful video from Italian's who are currently in Quarantine.

Thank you for your understanding the importance of this decision at this time. 

Please don't wait until it is too late.


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