Our 5 Fav Benefits of Activated Charcoal

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You asked if our Activated Charcoal is the same as your BBQ's Charcoal. We laughed, but then realized it's a pretty valid question.

And no question is stupid, okay? 

Unless you come in and ask if this is my parent's store. So just don't.

You may have seen Activated Charcoal in a variety of products on the market these days, and for good reason. It's originally known for it's ability to reduce a drug overdose...but is more commonly used these days for it's health benefits for your skin, teeth and organs. 
So to answer your BBQ question...in a nutshell, yes. The difference is Activated Charcoal is manufactured differently to create a clean, safe way to trap toxins. It's made from things like wood, coconut husks, peat moss, coal, olive pits, decayed vegetables, just a bunch of random natural shit.
The difference is all in the heat baby. They heat that stuff to temperatures reaching 900 degrees celcius.

Now that we have that cleared up, what are some daily uses?

1. Pore Cleansing.

There are a ton of products that feature AC such as face masks, pore strips, body scrubs and liquid facial cleansars geared towards cleansing facial pores. 
Because of it's natural properties and ability to "adsorb" (see definition below if you thought I just made a typo) activated charcoal acts as a "magnet" to pull out chemicals, dirt and air pollution that may become trapped in your pores.
This also helps to maintain your skin's balance, so with repeated use you can help rid yourself of that extra oil that really wrecks havoc on yo' makeup. 
gerund or present participle: adsorbing
  1. (of a solid) hold (molecules of a gas or liquid or solute) as a thin film on the outside surface or on internal surfaces within the material.
    "the dye is adsorbed onto the fiber"
What I think is great, is that you don't need to use it everyday! Just once a week can be the perfect detox your skin needs. Again, there are a TON of fancy shmancy products to choose from but I personally recommend a simple, straight to the point bar o'soap. But that's probably because I'm honestly just stoked when I remember to wash my face in the first place.

2. Skin Exfoliation.

Exfoliating can be a key part to healthy, glowing skin. In it's powdered form, activated charcoal has a gentle but gritty texture that is perfect for removing dull and dead skin. This resets your skin making your pores less visible. It also helps to reduce the acne, eczema and psoriasis causing bacteria to help yo' true, radiant self shine through. 
If you're not too keen on rubbing gritty charcoal all over your body, we have a fantastic Loofah Soap that double teams the exfoliating and rejuvenating benefits of both loofah and activated charcoal. Oh, plus it smells AMAZING.

3. Odor Removal.

If you're unfortunate enough to have some hella smelly pits, then this could be your saving grace! You can also use it around your home, in your fridge, dresser drawers or your gym bag. It always comes down to it's ability to extract toxins from an area and hold on to them. This is also a much safer and cleaner option then all the nastayyyy chemcial ridden products out there these days. 

4. Teeth Whitening.

Sounds kind of ass backwards, rub a black powder all over your teeth to whiten them? But it's true. We have many customers who use our tooth powder on a regular basis. And hey, with our fast results society, you will love the fact that it gives you instant results!
It's especially beneficial for those day to day surface stains. You know, coffee, tea, wine or ciggs....or all four. It's all good, we don't judge. I enjoy the little bit of Peppermint in our brand, to help with the "flavour" because let's face it...it's burnt vegetables and moss. 

5. Pet Care.

If your precious Fur Baby has been sprayed by Pepé Le Pew, or their coat is just looking a little duller than you'd like...an Activated Charcoal scrub down can be a great way to eliminate odors AND brighten your pup's perfectly fluffy fur coat. This is also widely used as a Veterinary emergency measure if an animal has ingested toxins.

So there you have it, a completely natural detoxing superhero.

There are many people who choose to take AC supplements for other benefits such as promoting kidney functions, cholesterol, gas relief, I've even heard word that it can help cure a hangover. 
I guess it makes sense when you think about it,
too bad I didn't know about that 10 years ago.

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