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Pick Up Location Details

1. When picking an order up from an outside business, please make sure you (or the person you've sent while you stay cozy at home) knows what the business name is.

We have a very busy Pick Up Operation happening & that helps us to keep moving things along quickly.

2. We, The Been Garden, accept NO (zero, nilche, zippo) responsibility for late, missing, incorrect or damaged orders.

This needs to be taken up with the business using our Pick Up Location, our staff has no idea what goes on between you and them. We've got enough issues on our own. Ha ha ha...for real.

3. We, The Been Garden, will date the item upon drop off. If it has not been picked up within 3 months, we will contact the business of origin.

If it has not been picked up after 6 months, it becomes our property & we will definitely use your face masks or crochet slippers with no remorse.

We are currently a Pick Up Location for the following but not limited to;

Batty's Bath

Random Ink

Clover & Co

Sarah's Cloth & Accessories

Inner Insights

Geema Sews