Our Mission

We are trying to promote the unity of ourselves, our neighbours, community & country by showing our support & understanding of Social Distancing by hanging a Canadian Flag in our windows. This will be a sign of togetherness in a time when we cannot physically be together. Please consider sharing to spread the word, & post your photos when you hang your flag. 

Our Vinyl Decals are available through donation, or if you are financially burdened you can absolutely order one for free, don't worry we very much understand things are strange right now. 

No tax. Free Shipping. No pick-ups, as we are encouraging you to STAY HOME! Thank you for doing your part to protect our families <3

We are CLOSED until further notice

It's time to take this seriously.

We are currently closed until safe to re-open. Please take care of your family & community by staying home.

Please stay home.

Support Yo' Neighbours at TBG

Italian's warn from the future.

They underestimated it. We don't have to.

Stay HOME.